November 2018 Newsletter

Dear SMTMD Members and Friends,

Contra Dance!

Dancers, take a bow! You are stellar! There is such excitement and so many folks dancing these days that there are plenty of partners for everyone. Thanks for slipping on those dancing slippers and dancing the night away with us.  It’s always more fun when you are there!


If you think that SMTMD does good things for the community, and you enjoy playing at Open Mic, in the Open Contra Band, or at the jams, or if you just enjoy listening to traditional string band and folk music, then consider printing out the attached SMTMD renewal form, filling it in, and sending it to the address below. When you renew your membership, you will be helping us continue to do those things you just agreed (above) are good things to do! Besides that, it is just fun to join good friends out for a evening of good ol’ music played in that good ol’ way and members get in at a reduced cost.

On the Horizon

The SMTMD concert committee has a December concert for us right here in Chaptico, and it is one that you won’t want to miss. Jody Marshall and Friends have put together a fantastic Christmas show of lilting jigs, rollicking reels, three-part harmony vocals, knock-your-socks-off arrangements, and a whole lot of fun – including a bit of festive frivolity. You will not want to miss Jody’s hammered dulcimer wizardry, Carey Creed’s soulful singing, Jim Queen’s fiendish fiddlin’, and Paul Nahay’s prodigious piano playing as they bring their holiday show to our Chaptico Hall. All four musicians are mainstays of the Washington, DC-area traditional folk music scene. SMTMD is lucky and proud to have them with us this December 1st. 7PM in the hall.

Something to Think About

With the end of the calendar year comes an opportunity for every member to think about helping out a bit more. If you have been coming to events and find them enjoyable, remember that it takes some organization to make it all happen. Your Board of Directors and committee chairs spend a few hours every month ensuring that ads go out to the news sources, the online sources are updated, bills get paid, open mics are set up, hospitality items are put out, musical acts are booked, and a host of other activities that make SMTMD tick. We are a certified non-profit organization, and with that comes some legal responsibilities as well. None of it is difficult, but it all needs to be done. If you have been with SMTMD for a while, and you believe in the work that we do, consider running for office or holding an appointed position, or just helping out as needed at events. There is a place on the renewal form to let us know how you would like to help. Review it. If you can work it into your schedule, join us!