September 2019

Hello SMTMD membership

In a few weeks summer will be officially over, and none too soon! Feeling the closeness of the summer heat with the mercury nudging up around the 100 degree mark makes a memory that I am happily willing to part with as we head into the fall schedule of events for SMTMD.

Call for dancers!!

Our first dance of the fall season is scheduled for September 14th, with Kim Forry calling to the beat of the Southern Maryland Open Band. Bring your dancing shoes and a friend or two and shake those trotters as we dance our way into cooler weather. Always a delightful evening of music and dance!! Don’t forget the beginner’s workshop that starts at 7:00 PM, which is recommended if you are initiating new folks to the joys of contra dancing. Otherwise, the dance will follow the normal time schedule, beginning at 7:30 and waltzing out the door at 10:00 PM. Oh, and by the way, congratulations to dancers Erin Carney and Christian Jewell, who are now Mr. and Ms. Jewell! An eventful summer for some it seems!!

Another great concert in Chaptico!

The next concert will be November 1st with the Ken and Brad Kolodner with Alex Lacquement on Bass. This talented trio features Ken Kolodner on hammered dulcimer, and Brad playing the claw hammer banjo. Check our Concerts page for more details.

The next open Mic date is September 27th. Those wishing to perform or volunteer to help with hospitality can contact

Thanks to all Volunteers who continue to keep our organization running. SMTMD has no employees – we run on people power; if you want to apply to be part of the engine, contact any board member. All applications will be accepted!

Until Next month,

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                           Michael